The Bedside Table

The bedside table. It’s the place where the end of your day lands. It’s a small physical space with a big purpose, but something we rarely share with others.

What purpose does it serve for you?

Maybe it’s where your books, phones, lists, jewelry, dust, routines and aspirations collide. Maybe it’s a place where framed faces of your loves smile down upon you, or where you shed your layers to make room only for sleep. It tells about what is on your mind in life right now.

Before I actually took a conscious look (and a moment for lots of sprucing), my table had an unsightly amount of dust, unfinished books, a faded 1989 still-dependable old-school alarm clock, and stacks of torn out magazine ideas.

We decided to give you a glimpse into some (dusted) bedside spaces that end a day. What’s on yours?

Lindsay's Bedside Table
Lindsay’s Bedside Table

Lindsay Bedside Table 2

Teresa's Bedside Table
Teresa’s Bedside Table

Teresa Bedside Table 2

Romy's Bedside Table
Romy’s Bedside Table

Romy Bedside Table 2

Claire's Bedside Table
Claire’s Bedside Table

Claire Bedside Table 2


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