The Handwritten Note

I’m spring cleaning. Purging. Giving away. Simplifying. But I have a bin that’s full of something I cannot let go of – handwritten notes.

Handwritten Note 1 - Girls of a Feather

I likely will never get rid of them. And that’s OK. They are part of me now. I’ve had conversations about the dying art of the handwritten note. Lovely, thought-out and inked-out ideas have given way to emails and texts and Facebook. Instant gratification. But what about that deeper connection that humans crave? Knowing that someone took a moment longer to write out their thoughts, gratitude, ideas, feelings.

A friend of mine recently mentioned a handwritten note that she had received. It caught her off guard, and the magic of it to her was powerful. Emotional. It inspired her to pass on that gift and take time to write to others in her life, too.

There’s nothing like it. That simple note can be kept, reread and loved far beyond the person. It’s nostalgic. It’s powerful. Pass it on.

Handwritten Note 2 - Girls of a Feather


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