Mountain Makers {1}

It is so fun to find a local-made item that you love. You get something completely unique that isn’t made in mass. You get quality that a local trailblazer maker takes real pride in. And you can feel like a champion knowing that you are supporting local talent and the local economy more than you know.

What’s even better than finding a find? Telling others about it. We love to come across treasures right here where we live, and will regularly feature Rocky Mountain West handmade items that strike our fancy. What are some of your favorites?

Bask in some of our recent finds. Or what’s even more exhilarating? Order one from the artist yourself.

Creativity Cards - Girls of a Feather

Creativity Cards – Wright, Wyoming

A sassy little greeting card company.


Ambos Designs - Girls of a Feather

Ambos Designs – Boulder, Colorado

Artisan Crafted. Exclusively Designed. Fairly Traded.

Dig This Chick2 - Girls of a Feather

Dig This Chick – Missoula, Montana

Custom GEOwares, made in Montana by Dig This Chick.

If you know of some standout makers in the Rocky Mountain West, we would love to hear about them. Email us at


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