I COLLECT: Scarves

Living in the mountains, it’s scarf season for at least 9 months out of the year. And even then, if you’re camping or out for a night walk in the warmer months, the need for a scarf is still possible. And so, in my closet, they are an everyday item. An overflowing bin of loveliness.

Lately, I’ve been feeling more and more like my Mom.  She always wears a scarf and stockings. Especially when she visits. It helps her automatically feel warm, settled, hugged. And I get it now.

Beyond the day-long hug, scarves add style. They add color. My sisters and I learned to wear them as young adults, mostly at that time to make us feel like we were gaining style, adding to our professional wardrobe repertoire.

I’ve had so many people mention to me, “I could never wear scarves like you. I’m not brave enough. I don’t know how to tie them.” Well, step out of your comfort zone. Here’s a great video for scarf tying:


Be brave. Try it for style. Try it for warmth in this mountain air. Try it for a hug around the neck. And when you take the easy leap to scarf wearing, you’ll never turn back.

Scarves2 - Girls of a Feather


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