Mountain MaterialGirl

I love Vogue magazine.  I look at the Sartorialist.  I am not only aware of Fashion Week in NYC, I know when it is, and follow it.  It’s kind of my secret.  Because here’s the deal. I live in the mountains. The reality is, I wear a lot of yoga pants. Like, a lot of yoga pants. Flannel shirts are my jam. Rather than Stella McCartney, Dior, or Prada, I buy a lot of SmartWool, Dankso, and Patagonia.

Let’s be honest.  While I would love a fancy pair of Isabel Marant booties, boots from Target were my favorites for 10 years (until they fell apart). And listen. Corduroy pants are cute and functional. See? Just because we are practical, that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate a quality jean … a pretty dress … an occasional splurge.  But the bottom line is – we live in the mountains.  We like to be warm. Comfy.  Cute.   And we like our clothes to fit the bill if we need to take our kids to school, attend a meeting, and maybe fit in cross country skiing in between. And not break the bank.

So, here at Girls of a Feather, we are going to focus on what we mountain girls really wear. Our regular feature – Mountain MaterialGirl – will showcase real clothes on real women.  And believe you me – yoga pants will show up at some point. Stay tuned …


One thought on “Mountain MaterialGirl

  1. Speaking of yoga pants … I’m in love with Calvin Klein’s performance wear. Not only are they great pants, but somehow knowing they are Calvins makes me feel a little less like I’m wearing yoga pants. 😉


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