The Changing Chalkboard

Words inspire me – they bring tears to my eyes – they breathe life into an otherwise empty space.  For me, I depend on them in my daily life.  Words do a lot to make my house a home.  Whether it be through books, through the words we say to each other, or lunch box notes to my kids … words are love.

IMG_3862  IMG_3864        x

To show my love, and my love of words, I have a “changing chalkboard” in my house.  Actually, I have two: a big fireplace board, and a smaller kitchen board.  On them, I like to convey a message – a though – a feeling.  I hope my family and friends take away the same things I do from these little messages – You are loved. Life is important. Be happy.  Live where you are.  Gratefulness is key.  You know, things like that.  Last week, i quoted a song – a simple, old, perfect song.  This week, my message is simple.  Life is the mountains is good. Period.



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