Girls of a Feather Gear Guide: Spring Camping


As most of us who live in cold, wintery climates for what seems like 11 months out of the 12, Spring can NEVER come soon enough.   This is why it seems completely normal to camp in April.  Why not we say? Dare us not to.  To make camping not just plausible, but possible, we often head south.  Moab – the Four Corners – southern Colorado.  Places that are drivable, but not so far that the kids groan and moan (too much).

Even when we had two very young kids, camping was never out of the question.  Sure, give me a pool and a magazine any day.  But an adventure?  That’s what makes memories, right? Right???

With an adventurous spirit in mind, then, here is our first Girls of a Feather Gear Guide: Spring Camping. It’s full of options and suggestions for both genders and all ages.  We include our must haves, and some creature comforts that can be sacrificed if need be. Now, keep in mind, this list is not all-inclusive – these are just a few things that are so good, they must be shared.  And stay tuned! More gear guides to come.

  • My first rule of spring camping – down jackets.  One for each person.  They take the chill off at night around the campfire, and in the morning when drinking strong coffee, out of this cup.

Patagonia Coat

  • Along those lines – gloves and hats.  Once, when camping outside of Las Vegas at Red Rocks State Park, it snowed.  We promptly headed for the Strip, but not before having to don our gloves, hats, and chase down our tent (which blew away).
  • Stainless steel wine glass. Or two, so you can cheers with someone.  ‘Nuff said.
  • Hardcore Hammers out of Shawnee, Kansas, makes a workhorse of a hatchet that, after giving it to my husband for Father’s Day a few years ago, has never left his side.  Need firewood? Check.


  • Ball caps – The beauties from Surf Wyoming are the perfect alternative to your winter hat when the sun comes out.  A little piece of home, but stylish as all get out.

SW Hat

  • Head lamps and a lantern.  A necessity for reading late into the night when you think you hear wolves and you can’t sleep.  (See hatchet, above)  We use the UCO Arka, which doubles as a flashlight, and can also charge your cell phone. Genius!


  • Best camp chairs ever – Big Agnes.  Made in one of our favorites, Steamboat Springs, Colorado, and made to last, to boot.


  • Don’t forget a deck of cards to keep you all busy, with never ending games of WAR, Go Fish! and Uno.
  • An airstream – We say this with our tongues firmly planted in our cheeks.  We’d love an airstream, with its sleek styling and plush couches (the most comfortable couch I’ve ever sat on, period).  But its hefty price tag? Ouch.  We’ll stick with this sweet tent.

photos courtesy of, in order from top to bottom: Airstream, Patagonia, Hardcore Hammers, Surf Wyoming, UCO and Bryon Dorr. Thanks guys!


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