Go. Do. {Fort Collins, CO}

Our Go. Do. series continues. This time a little closer to the mountain views we know and love with a sweet day in Fort Collins, Colorado. Not only is the backdrop to this city absolutely lovely (think foothills of the Rockies), but it is a vibrant place. You can feel that people here are ready to be out and about, either in their charming but progressive historic downtown area, or recreating in the surrounding area (it’s a biking mecca).

It was hard to decide where to spend our few hours shopping, seeing, tasting and doing. So, we landed downtown, which always delivers when you are looking for a town’s authentic feel. It was an overcast day, so perfect for slipping in and out of the many shops in the area.

Our first stop was at a darling little children’s store called the Clothes Pony & Dandelion Toys. At the entrance was a bunny (yes, real) and a pink piano. You could literally spend hours there… even if you don’t have kids with you.

Fort Collins 6 - Girls of a Feather

Fort Collins 7 - Girls of a Feather

We also came across an absolutely brilliant little cheese bistro called The Welsh Rabbit. They have not only a cheese shop, but a cheese bistro. Yes, a cheese bistro. If you love cheese, man do they serve it up here.

Next we ducked into a hip little boutique called Kansas City Kitty, full of lovely, retro goodness, featuring local artists and makers.

Fort Collins 8 - Girls of a Feather

Then it was into the Perennial Gardener, which stretches on and on with sweet areas of nature-inspired gifts, and garden goods (including a magical area just for fairy gardens). They have an outdoor patio in the back with beautiful garden pots, statues, and water features.

Fort Collins 11 - Girls of a Feather

Fort Collins 10 - Girls of a Feather

We stopped for lunch at The Kitchen, a fresh and light Colorado-based bistro with wooden tables, cool fixtures and tons of natural light. Their restaurant philosophy is “Community Through Food”, which is evident. Not only is the food artfully done, but the staff and atmosphere are warm. Bottom line – we could have sat there for hours.

Fort Collins 2 - Girls of a Feather

Fort Collins 1 - Girls of a Feather

For the remainder of our time downtown, we learned about the loveliness of a new boutique called Sunday Supply, and made our way past Harbinger Coffee, which boasts some serious craft coffee. We peeked into Topo Designs, a stellar Colorado-based gear and clothing company, and basked among the aisles and aisles of pots, wooden spoons, cool dish towles, and hand-painted dishware at The Cupboard… a kitchen paradise.

If you decide to visit Fort Collins, there are a number of excellent Fort Collins-specific blogs and sites to guide you inside and outside. Maybe you’ll take a summer drive into the glorious Rocky Mountain National Park, or stay closer to town with a hike through one of its many natural areas.

As always, we hope you have a plan in the near future to go and do. And if you don’t, make one. It doesn’t have to be far.


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