Cocktail Hour: {Simplified}


Cocktails are a pretty special occasion in our house and a nice alternative to the regular old glass of wine or beer.  But most times, if we decide to have a drink in the evening, it doesn’t always include an herb, the need to muddle something, or a fancy napkin. It’s  those “regular olds” that we want – a simple splash of wine or just ice cold beer in the can.

My sweet mountain man is a pretty simple guy, when you get down to it. He doesn’t believe in multi-tasking, he usually wears the same old jeans and sweatshirt on the weekends, and he likes to crack open a beer from time to time for just that reason. To drink one. Period. Simple as that.  

As summer approaches and the weather turns, it’s fun to have neighbors drop by and pull the standbys out.  Lately, for us, that’s classic PBR and a rose.  PBR – so American, so retro it’s cool again (for us, it always has been).  Add a lime and a bit of spice?  His sort of fancy. And the rose – this is not the sweet rose of the 80s.  This is dry and crisp, with just a little fruit.

So cheers to old favorites. Cheers to simplicity. And cheers to his/hers, and the fact that we are so different. Without that, we would not be nearly as complete.




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