Girls of a Feather Gift Guide: {Graduation}

‘Tis the season for celebrating our newest graduates. Since we live in a college town, we often encounter the opportunity to gift a new college grad, and send them out into the wild blue yonder with a thoughtful little something. Recently, with graduation looming, we’ve had some requests for a Girls of a Feather graduate gift guide. So here’s our take on what might be a thoughtful, memorable gift to your grad…

Keurig K10 Plus SingleServe Brewer – Because the real world starts early…


Something lovely and personalized – Catbird, Inc.

Gold Locket - Girls of a Feather

A clever, custom pillow that speaks their language – Café Press custom pillows

Grad Gifts - Pillows - Girls of a Feather

Practical but fetching office gear – Wishbone Paperweights 


Actual glass glasses for a more refined host – Crate & Barrel directional glasses

Grad Gifts - Glasses3 - Girls of a Feather

A starter vacuum because… reality check! – Dirt Devil Upright Vacuum

Grad Gifts - Vacuum - Girls of a Feather

Even if your grad doesn’t have a job quite yet, gift a “Call Me” card for making connections – Call Me Business Card

Grad Gifts - Hello Card1 - Girls of a Feather

A professional business card holder for their purse or wallet – Crocodile Print Business Card Case

Grad Gifts - Card Holder - Girls of a Feather

Entertainment for a small space – Table Top Foosball

Grad Gifts - Table Top Foosball - Girls of a Feather

Classic children’s books that hit your sentiments home sweetly – Books from Amazon

Grad Gifts - Books - Girls of a Feather

Some rockin’ swag… so they never forget the important things – Home Hoodie

Grad Gifts - Sweatshirt - Girls of a Feather

Other ideas for the big graduate might be putting together a kit of miscellaneous items for hanging pictures, a bucket of cleaning supplies, or a tool box with basic items. And if your run out of time? Cash will do the trick. And feel free to ask them to set it aside for something specific… like a new laptop, a deposit on a new apartment, or a trip to Europe.

Congrats to all those grads out there. Be brave and be yourself in that big, wonderful world. Go get ’em!


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