For Crying Out Loud

Apparently there comes a time in your life when you begin to cry at commercials. The I-must-have-something-in-my-eye-hand-me-a-tissue feeling starts to creep up. We get choked up at retirement commercials and diaper commercial. At cereal commercials and sports gear commercials.

For crying out loud (literally), really? Can we get a grip? Truck commercials? Is there even a truck in this commercial? I can’t remember.

For Crying Out Loud2 - Girls of a Feather

No need to get a grip. Grab a tissue and let ‘er rip. This one really got to us, and we are happy to let it flow. Maybe it’s because we’ve all felt at one point or another like we didn’t have anything left in the tank. Or that we wanted to achieve something so badly we could taste it. And when we see other women pushing forward and going for it and doing it? Totally awesome. And you think, “What’s on my bucket list today?”

Ram, you nailed it.


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