The Coffee Table {1}

The Coffee Table series was born out of the same idea as our Bedside Table series – these are spaces that almost every household has, and every single one is unique. Often the items chosen to take center stage might be completely functional. But sometimes they tell a story of a place visited or items important to the people that hold that space.

In our house, the coffee table is used daily. Our living room is not confined to only tea parties, white gloves and lace. Our kids play there. We read nightly there. Our kids jump on the furniture there. So, the coffee table that resides amongst it all is a place for favorite books to land at the moment, school library books that need to be at the top of our mind, lovely books that were given as gifts, a catch-all for small kid trinkets and treasures, and maybe a kid-friendly game or puzzle that will hold their interest for a moment. That table is scratched, chipped, been re-screwed and glued back together more than once, and thoroughly loved.

Coffee Table 6 - Girls of a Feather

What is the job of the coffee table in your home? If you could arrange it just as you like it, what would be on it? Is yours functional, a catch-all, or a display of memories and souvenirs? And if you are looking for additional coffee table inspiration, we love the eye candy here at Apartment Therapy. I’m guessing kids don’t jump on the furniture in these spaces, but a girl can always dream.

Coffee Table 2 - Girls of a Feather

Coffee Table 4 - Girls of a Feather


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