Four Shoes for Spring

Spring can be a tricky time in the mountains for footwear.  We want to look put together, but stay warm on those chilly days.  When it warms up, cute sandals sound great, but “warms up” is a relative term to be quite honest.  What’s a {mountain} girl to do?  Here are four solid options, straight out of my closet.


ah – the old classic Converse.  I have worn Cons since college, and when one pair wears out, I just resubscribe.  Next time, I’m thinking about a different color.


As a friend pointed out to me, I didn’t wear these gems hardly at all last summer.  Gems they truly are. Seamless, stylish, all rubber and easy to wash, and the right price to boot (er, to sandal?).  Just guess what brand.  I dare ya.


My trusty rain boots.  I got these for a gift, and a gift they have been.  Truth be told, I wear them in all kinds of weather.  Rain, snow, sleet, or shine.  I should call them my post office boots! (Get it?) And I just learned a trick that by rubbing them with an olive oil drizzled rag, they can look brand new.   Boom.


I’ve been wearing these puppies a lot lately.  We try not to wear shoes in our house, and these are definitely my house shoes.  Working from home, I value a quality slipper.  That’s these. Lately, I’m a sucker for all things sherpa fleece (exhibit 1: my bedding). Plus, they’re cozy. And cute.  Did I mention cozy?


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