Cocktail Hour: {Regional Wineries}

Wine - Girls of a Feather

Once upon a time, people didn’t think of wine when they thought of the Rocky Mountain West. Just bears, forests and purple mountain majesties. And truth be told, most states in our region have traditionally not been able to grow and produce any wine, simply because the climate is not hospitable.

However, there are more wineries now than ever in our area. Every single state can claim at least one vineyard or producer – yes, even Wyoming. Makers are being creative about how to grow, press, age and blend. Some area climates really lend to more fruit wines or mead. Other wineries have climates that produce fine wines more likened to the main-stream wine flavors of California and Washington. Places like western Colorado are booming when it comes to wine, and raking in national awards.

Regardless of the history or terrain and climate, it’s just fun to know what’s in your backyard and explore the flavors that our region can create. So we put together this little sampling of wines made in our area – and this is really just a tiny sampling. What are your favorite wineries in the Rocky Mountain West? If you are passing by one of these on a road trip this summer, stop by, have a taste, and bring a bottle home for a friend. Enjoy the fact that winemakers are making a great go of the industry right here.


Wine - Bookcliff Vineyards - Girls of a Feather

Bookcliff Vineyards  –  Boulder, CO  –

Wine - Anemoi - Girls of a Feather

Canyon Wind Cellars  –  Palisade, CO  –

Wine - Castle Creek Winery - Girls of a Feather

Castle Creek Winery  –  Moab, Utah  –

Wine - Hidden Legend Winery - Girls of a Feather

Hidden Legend Winery  –  Victor, MT  –

Wines - Huston Vineyards - Girls of a Feather

Huston Vineyards  –  Caldwell, ID  –

Wine - Plum Creek Winery - Girls of a Feather

Plum Creek Winery  –  Palisade, CO  –

Wine - Table Mountain Vineyards - Girls of a Feather

Table Mountain Vineyard  –  Huntley, WY  –

Wines - Ten Spoon Vineyards - Girls of a Feather

Ten Spoon Vineyard  –  Missoula, MT  –

Wine - Snake River Winery - Girls of a Feather

Snake River Winery  –  Boise, ID  –


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