Mountain Makers {for dudes}

Our Mountain Makers series continues. And since Father’s Day is coming up, we thought it would be timely to feature handmade items for the more manly species in our Mountain Makers series. Dudes.

Purchasing from local makers means you can be proud of something unique that’s made where you live, all while supporting your local artists and economy. Dude chest bumps all around. So remember that our own Rocky Mountain West backyards are speckled with talented makers who live among us. And as always, spread the word, peruse their lovely galleries and, even better, order your very own find.

Cheers to fathers, and cheers to local-made!

Mountain Makers - Fathers Day 2 - Girls of a Feather

3 Points Artwork  –  Salt Lake City, UT

Pottery & Paintings

Mountain Makers - Fathers Day 4 Penni Olive - Girls of a Feather

Penni Olive  –  Denver, CO

Quality Handmade Applique Aprons & Cloth Napkins

Mountain Makers - Fathers Day 5 - Girls of a Feather

Nikki Reclaimed Design  –  Alpine, UT

Personalized Cutting Boards & Gifts

Mountain Makers - Fathers Day 6 Oxcart Artisans - Girls of a Feather

Oxcart Artisans  –  Recluse, WY

Custom steak branders + wool, horn, iron, wood and felt work

Mountain Makers - Fathers Day 7 HbarN Craftwords - Girls of a Feather

HbarN Craftworks  –  Wisdom, MT

Lasting, Practical & Beautiful.  Handmade in Montana

Mountain Makers - Fathers Day 9 Chisels of Fire - Girls of a Feather

Chisels of Fire  –  Nampa, ID

Artisan Lathe Turnings

Mountain Makers - Fathers Day 10 C Winn Designs - Girls of a Feather

CWinnDesigns  –  Lafayette, CO

Handmade Bags

Mountain Makers - Fathers Day 11 Caribou Creek Cases - Girls of a Feather

Caribou Creek Cases  –  Bonners Ferry, ID

Custom Phone Cases

Mountain Makers - Fathers Day 12 Wyoming Creative - Girls of a Feather

Wyoming Creative  –  Buffalo, WY

Hand Stamped & Personalized Jewelry & Lures

Mountain Makers - Fathers Day 13 Scrappers Hockey - Girls of a Feather

Scrappers Hockey  –  Laramie, WY

Hockey Apparel

We will continue to regularly feature Rocky Mountain West handmade items that strike our fancy. What are some of your favorites? If you know of some standout makers in the Rocky Mountain West, we would love to hear about them. Email us at

And in case you missed the last of our Mountain Maker series, take a peek here.

Mountain Makers - Pueblo and Co2 - Girls of a Feather


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