Cocktail Friday: {The Michelle Mantle}

IMG_4417        The {Michelle Mantle} was introduced to us, by a friend, last summer.  It did not have that name at the time.  In fact, we branded it just last night, half after our friend, and half after the great Mickey Mantle.  Ok, maybe half after drinking a couple of these …

You see, this drink was born at the baseball park.  At least for us it was.  And that’s part of its magic.   The other part is the deliciousness.  We know our friend learned about it from another friend. A recipe passed down from friends is the best, we think.  Most word-of-mouth things turn out to be the ones you hold on to, don’t they?


Warm summer nights – or cool summer nights – sitting under those bright lights, with a Michelle Mantle in your hands – sounds like summer to me.  Add this lemonade/cucumber combo and your season is complete.

We’ve fancied up the presentation a bit, but this tastes just as good in a Tervis Tumbler (yet another thing learned from a friend).  Heck, you can red solo it, and it will still be perfect.


{The Michelle Mantle}

One shot of Cucumber Vodka (Brand Recommendation: Effen)

Simply Lemonade

Fill a glass (or tumbler) with ice, and pour in your shot (maybe two).  Fill the remainder of the glass with Simply Lemonade, and summertime is yours!


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