Girls of a Feather Gift Guide: {Father’s Day}

We love our Dads. Whether you live with one or want to honor your own, we have been thinking about some gifts for these wonderful fellas in our lives. Gifts for the outdoor type, the indoor type, the on-the-water type and the jammin’-and-chillin’ type. Whatever type is yours, find something special!

Cheers to Dads. And cheers to celebrating him with love, and a gift right up his alley. Consider some of these…

The coolest cooler known to man.

Fathers Day Gift Guide - Yeti - Girls of a Feather

A super sweet fly rod for an early morning on the water.

Fathers Day Gift Guide - Patigonia Fly Rod - Girls of a Feather

An item finder for anything because, hey, our dudes are all human.

Fathers Day Gift Guide 1 - Girls of a Feather

A sweet little music setup for the garage, his man cave or workout space… because Thunder Struck never gets old.

Fathers Day Gift Guide 2 - Girls of a Feather

A hip new lid that keeps him looking trendy.


Some sporty get-up for the business Dad.

Fathers Day Gift Guide - tie - Girls of a Feather

A subscription to his favorite hobby magazine.

Fathers Day Gift Guide - Golf Digest - Girls of a Feather

A custom cribbage board of his favorite lake.

Fathers Day Gift Guide - cribbage - Girls of a Feather

Boat or hull or deck or vinyl cleaner… because a captain loves his seat.

Fathers Day Gift Guide 3 - Girls of a Feather

New outdoor entertainment that can be played anywhere with any age… camping, tailgating or in the backyard with the whole fam-damily.

Fathers Day Gift Guide - Molkky - Girls of a Feather

Good reading… because Dads have a big job.

Fathers Day Gift Guide 4 - Girls of a Feather


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