Cocktail Friday: {Regional Breweries}

How could we resist? On this Father’s Day theme week, it just seemed right to talk beer on our Cocktail Friday. We feature regional breweries and the wonderful {and vast} craft beers in our region. Some of these breweries are well-known and well-established, and others are green, new and making a fabulous go. But they all have one thing in common… these are beer lovers and taste makers. So grab your growler ad fill it up with your old favorite regional brew. Or, step outside your comfort zone and try a new one. It’s part of the fun!

Have a favorite craft beer that you’d like to tell us about? Email us at We’d love to hear about it. Cheers!

Regional Breweries - Lander Brewing Co - Girls of a Feather

Lander Brewing Company   |   Lander, Wyoming   |

Regional Breweries - Kettlehouse Brewing - Girls of a Feather

Kettlehouse Brewing Company   |   Missoula, Montana   |

Regional Breweries - Salmon River Brewery - Girls of a Feather

Salmon River Brewery   |   McCall, Idaho   |

Regional Breweries - Strange Craft - Girls of a Feather

Strange Craft   |   Denver, Colorado   |

Regional Breweries - Epic Brewing - Girls of a Feather

Epic Brewing   |   Salt Lake City, Utah   |

Regional Breweries - Idaho Brewing Company - Girls of a Feather

Idaho Brewing Company   |   Idaho Falls, Idaho   |

Regional Breweries - Great Northern Brewing - Girls of a Feather

Great Northern Brewing Company   |   Whitefish, Montana   |

Regional Breweries - Backcountry Brewery - Girls of a Feather

Back Country Brewery   |   Frisco, Colorado   |

Regional Breweries - Snake River Brewing - Girls of a Feather

Snake River Brewing   |   Jackson, Wyoming   |

Regional Breweries - Philipsburg Brewing - Girls of a Feather

Philipsburg Brewing Company  |   Philipsburg, Montana   |

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