Six Summery Earrings

We love earrings.  They are a simple, easy way to zsuszh up an outfit, even if that outfit consists of yoga pants and a simple tank.  Bare ears are a no-no ’round here.  First up, these chevron studs – so chic, of-the-moment, and they go with anything.  Go to Evereve and pick some up!IMG_4460

Next, we like these fun starbursts.  A little more heft than the chevron, so they’re not quite as wearable for yoga, but they certainly fancy up your jean shorts.  Compliments of Francesca’s.IMG_4462

These white/aqua beauties are handmade, and a special gift.  Break out for a BBQ with friends, or a night on the town.


For the little ladies, a special treat – dangles!  Not kindergarten ready in my eyes, but for summery days by the pool, these are fun and sparkly treat.IMG_4465

Another fun dangle. Colorful, but amazingly, goes with Ev. Ery. Thing.IMG_4585

And finally, the workhorse.  Handmade, red but amazingly neutral, and small so you can sleep in it if need be.



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