Simple Dinner: {Hot Dogs}

In the spirit of the upcoming holiday weekend, we know that people are traveling, and being traveled to.  Communing over dinner is definitely a way to celebrate being together after a long day’s journey, but we appreciate the feeling of just wanting to focus on visiting, and not cooking.


We have the solution!  A hot dog bar, with high quality dogs, make that first meal back together an everyone-friendly option.  Choose a few flavor profiles to up the effort and presentation just a bit, but keep those old standy-bys of ketchup, mustard, and relish on hand for the purists.

Seriously – anything goes.  Feeling like Italian? Pull out a jar of olives, fresh mozzarella and the spaghetti sauce leftover from Sunday dinner.  More exotic you say?  Try kimchi, with a splash of hot chili oil. You can always go the delicious sauerkraut and German mustard route, too – that’s a win-win.

For our dogs, we chose a few options.  First up, and pictured above, grilled peppers and onions, topped with the classics.

Next, we went a little off the rails… Buffalo sauce is not just for wings!!!  We topped this one with blue cheese, a little crema, chives and Frank’s Hot Sauce.  Our taste tester called it “delicious” and “delightful!”



Finally, I wanted a Mexican twist on my dog – jalapeños, crema, avocado on the bottom, freshly grilled and cut corn with a squeeze of lime.



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