Dirt Messes = A Twinkle in the Eye

Bedroom Flowers 2 - Girls of a Feather

We have a farmer in our house who’s 8. There’s no doubt that our farmer loves to plant, and it doesn’t matter the age. The vacant lot next to us, which is filled with weeds (which also doesn’t matter to our farmer) is the perfect place to dig up plants by the roots and transplant them into pots in our back yard. I’m talking for hours. Is there a mess? You betcha. Lots of dirt clumps here and there around our patio, and sometimes a broken pot. It has taken me time to get over messes, and to be honest, am still working on it. But the satisfaction that comes over our farmer’s face is priceless after hours of a planting project. I’ll take a mess any day to see that twinkle in our kiddo’s eye.

Our farmer will plant anywhere. So when there was a request for plants in our kids’ bedrooms, we said why not, and off to the garden center we went (again). And there they are, above each of their beds. And there they are checked over every day. And watered. And adored. Our farmer is pleased. And we forget there was ever a mess.

Bedroom Flowers 1 - Girls of a Feather


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