Girls of a Feather Toy Review: {Fractiles}

Toy Review - Fractiles 1 - Girls of a Feather

When Santa brought the kids a set of Fractiles last year at Christmas, we all thought that they were just simply cool. They looked cool. You could make cool designs out of them. They still looked cool being left out in our living room. It was cool that any aged-person could work on them. And especially cool that the small pieces stuck to the board so the vacuum didn’t have to work so hard.

I leave them out now as a permanent fixture in our living room. And if I clear a magnet design off the board, within one day one of the kids has made something new. They could spend a half hour just fiddling with them.

But then I started to read what good old St. Nick really brought. If he thought he was just getting something nifty for the lot of us, he grossly underestimated this toy. I went online to look a little deeper. It’s obvious that it stimulates creativity, but it also works the engineering and math side of a kid’s (or adult’s) brain. They completely fit into the STEM philosophy of learning – combining Science, Technology, Engineering, Math to learn independently with promising results.

Now that’s cool.

So, we love our beautiful Fractiles even more than we thought, and know Santa would recommend them, too. Or, you can find them outside of Santa’s bag right here at their website. What’s cool is that it’s also a Colorado-based innovator. Cheers to sweet toys mindfully created right here in the U.S., not to mention the Rocky Mountain West.

Toy Review - Fractiles 2 - Girls of a Feather

Toy Review - Fractiles 3 - Girls of a Feather

By the way, this design was completely created by our 6 year-old. This system allows for complete success, even for semi-littles.


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