{The Magic of Coloring}

When I first saw adult coloring books featured in a bookstore, I was ecstatic. Finally, a trend from childhood that didn’t include tapered leg pants or bi-level haircuts. Coloring was a favorite past-time when I was a kid. And now, picking up a coloring book that wasn’t in the kids section was as though I had actual permission to indulge once again.

My cup of tea.

Turns out, I also have a kiddo who loves coloring. So I ordered us up a book, and a set of sparkling gel pens. We opened the book when it came, looked at each other with wide eyes, sat down at the counter, and dove in.

The result? Magic.

Yes, the colors are magic. The patterns are magic. Magic because I could now, as a functioning adult, color once again and not feel guilty. Magic because the only decision I had to make was which shade of blue I was going to use next.

But the best magic came in the shape of time. It allowed me to stop, slow down, and sit side-by-side with my munchkin, who loved it as much as I did. The chatting that ensued was worth every gel pen used up, every hour that ticked away, every errand that didn’t get done. We found something, at least for the time-being, that let us just be. Together.

That’s a trend that I hope will last.

Adult Coloring Books 2 - Girls of a Feather

Adult Coloring Books 3 - Girls of a Feather


2 thoughts on “{The Magic of Coloring}

  1. Coloring is wonderful. Yes truly a time of magic and wonder. It brings me to a happy place of imagination and memories of my own childhood where time stood still. It brings me back to when I colored with my own kids and now that they are grown, it brings me back to memories. Great post! Happy Fall, Koko:)

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