{Apple Season}

Apple season is a lovely season. We’ve done our fair share of welcoming bags of apples into our house this fall, and thus begins the chance to find ways to use them… in soup, in salads, in cobblers, in pastries, in pancakes, as sauce, as snacks. Our favorite way to eat them is as a sandwich with nut butter in between slices. And oh, the ways you can eat them.

Apples 3 - Girls of a Feather

But aside from all that yumminess talk about apples, how about other ideas to use this beautiful fruit? We love the thought of using them as candle holders or hollow them out as cider cups on this Greatist post.

Apples 5 - Girls of a Feather

Or make them into dried garland or stamps for kids in this Treehugger post.

Apples 6 - Girls of a Feather

Or we could get really creative and make our own facial out of apples. Put their natural malic acid to work in the form of a DIY exfoliating facial mask from this Hello Natural post.

Apples 7 - Girls of a Feather

Or, just eat one.

Plain. Sweet. Crunchy. Delicious. So until we get our crafting hat on, until we have time for other ideas, until our counter overfloweth with too much red loveliness than we know what to do with, we’ll eat them. With or without nut butter.

Apples 1 - Girls of a Feather


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