{Autumnal Mule}

Moscow Mules are everywhere – they are definitely having a moment. On a recent trip to Manitou Springs, CO – (yes, we did this – YIKES!), I saw a restaurant menu with three kinds of Mules: the classic, a tequila version (Mexican Mule), and something called a Colorado Mule.


And while the true Mule will always be number one on our list, we thought it might be fun to give it a Fall spin.  We kept the vodka base, but added notes of apples, cinnamon, and a sprig of rosemary stir stick!  Without further ado, we present our Autumnal Mule…


Autumnal Mule

1 shot vodka

2 shots Apple Cider

Finish with Apple Beer (this is the non-alcoholic Apple flavored beer – like Root Beer)

Pour everything over crushed ice

Garnishes could include an apple slice, a dash of cinnamon, a cinnamon stick, rosemary (we did them all…)


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