{Remembering on Halloween}

In this week of Halloween, we started to think about what that Halloween means. Halloween… Candy, costumes, tricks, class parties. All yes. All fun. Of course the modern-day holiday has become all about the dressing up and stuffing your bag plumb full of candy. But traditionally, Halloween means “All Hallow’s Eve”, or the night that begins a 3-day celebration of those who have died.

We all have those who came before us, and their memory sticks to the corners of our mind. And remembering is important. So we decided that we would take pause this week from time to time. We get into our routines and lists and homework and basketball, and rarely take that time. Maybe we’ll fill a jar with the names. Maybe we’ll have a candle light night.

Today, I had my lovely Grandma on my mind. I miss her, even though it’s been years since she passed. I thought about the smell of her house, the casseroles always waiting on the table when we dropped by on our way home from college, her handwriting, the twinkle in her eye, the “always welcome” ways of her house. So in honor, I put on a pot of hot water, chose a tea, and reached up into that cupboard and pulled out one of her cups and saucers she gave to me. The ones that never, ever get used.

And I remembered. And I think she knew it.

Getting Out Grandma's China 3 - Girls of a Feather


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