{Night Walks}

Night is purer than the day; it is better for thinking and loving and dreaming. At night, everything is more intense, more true. The echo of words that have been spoken during the day takes on a new and deeper meaning. 

                                                                                – Elie Wiesel, Dawn

Our family loves to take night walks. Especially as the daylight hours dwindle, it gives us extra time together, an extra opportunity to move, extra time outside. Our senses are heightened and we notice things we don’t during the day. It’s a new world, and everything is magnified when the sun goes down.

So bundle up, put on your headlamp, and head out for a night walk. Even if it’s just around the block. Or even better, when a new snow has begun. It’s a wonderful feeling that sticks with you, long after you’ve gotten home, warmed up a cup of tea, and settled back in.

Night Walk - Girls of a Feather

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