{Holiday Traditions}: Thanksgiving

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: we love the nostalgia of holiday traditions. Thanksgiving might very well be most known for traditional food… the turkey, the stuffing, the pumpkin pie. But what other traditions do you have or want to start during this sweet holiday of togetherness?

For us, it’s not only about cooking and baking, but smells (keep that simmer pot going), creating spaces for watching our favorite football team, keeping extra pillows and throws at hand for an after dinner nap, putting out lay-low games or puzzles for all ages, and just finding ways to be together. There are no presents to worry about, no last-minute finds to find – it’s just family, friends, and food.

Thanksgiving Traditions - Cribbage - Girls of a Feather


If you’re looking for old or new traditions to start with your loves during Thanksgiving, consider these:

  • Make your table runner a long piece of butcher paper, put out pens, and let everyone write their year’s gratitudes on the table during dinner.
  • Go Christmas tree hunting and bring home the perfect one. Don’t forget to get your tree permit early.
  • Find your favorite team on TV… and cheer hard.
  • Make donuts or a tried-and-true family treat together, and let a mess happen. Eat one. Or more.

Thanksgiving Traditions - Donuts - Girls of a Feather

  • Have a card or board game tournament. Competitive spirits will come out of the woodwork.
  • Or football, anyone???
  • Have a traditional cocktail ready for guests… available with and without alcohol. A Tom and Jerry is a go-to of ours.
  • Put on a simmer pot of your favorite spices.
  • Put out recipe cards, and ask the older generation to share {secret} family recipes. Then carry them on.
  • Go to the movies. That’s a maje fave.
  • Have a talent show. Jokes, magic tricks, crazy faces acceptable. Get everyone involved, and let the kids be the judges.
  • Go for a night walk.
  • Make a leftover station for guests to fill their own box of leftover feast food at the end of the day.
Thanksgiving Traditions - Leftover Station - Girls of a Feather

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