Girls of a Feather Gift Guide: {Kids}

‘Tis the season for giving, and if you have kids in your house, they’ve already reminded you of that a few times. For the past eleven months. You more than likely already have lists that have been drawn up and taped to their doors. Or catalogs that came in the mail that have been saved and poured through and circled and starred.

Our favorite holiday gift to give our kids is an experience… maybe a trip or a special weekend they get to plan. It means time, which is the best gift of all. But, the truth is that it’s also fun to think of your little and choose something that is going to make their eyes light up. Because what kid doesn’t just wanna play? And what parent doesn’t love to see their kiddo doing something they love?

So here are some holiday gift ideas from our idea cache. And boy, we could go on and on… so many wonderful gift ideas for kids of all ages and styles. If anything, we hope this sparks some inspiration in this wonderful season of giving.

The classic slingshot for almost any age. No batteries necessary. Just a keen eye.

Gift Guide Kids - Sling Shot Indie Bambino Toys - Girls of a Feather

A kid’s action camera that you can mount to bikes, skateboards or a helmet. Waterproof.

Gift Guide Kids - Action Cam VTech - Girls of a Feather

A sweet animal cowl that suits your little’s style.

Gift Guide Kids - Fox Cowl Poppy Seed Shoppe - Girls of a Feather

A beautiful, educational (without them knowing it) tiling toy… on a magnetic canvas. Brilliant.

Gift Guide Kids - Fractiles - Girls of a Feather

Another classic… and who isn’t tempted to jump on one of these?

Gift Guide Kids - Pogo Hearth Song - Girls of a Feather

We love these science kits… everything from crystals to robots.

Gift Guide Kids - Chrystal Growing - Girls of a Feather

giant rocking chair for a gaggle of kids? Yes, please!

Gift Guide Kids - Wonder Wave Hearth Song - Girls of a Feather

Bring out the superhero in your little.

Gift Guide Kids - Super Hero Capes Pip and Bean - Girls of a Feather

Invite a fairy to your house with a fairy door. Mounts to a baseboard. Magical.

Gift Guide Kids - Little Fairy Door - Girls of a Feather

This guy is more than a dino toy… he’s a trainable robot.

Gift Guide Kids - Zoomer Dino - Girls of a Feather

Create a special place to display your sweet one’s work. Peel and stick cleverness.

Gift Guide Kids - Wall Frames Simple Shapes - Girls of a Feather

A super amazing hand boiler and science experience. The warmth of your hand makes it active.

Gift Guide Kids - Hand Boiler 2 Hearth Song - Girls of a Feather

Can you tell we love classics? This sweet table labyrinth never goes out of style.

Gift Guide Kids - Labyrinth Game Land of Nod - Girls of a Feather


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