{Holiday Traditions}: Christmas

In keeping with tradition, let’s talk traditions. Christmas traditions. And boy, can you create some fun ones during this bright holiday. Our kids made a long, long list of EVERY Christmas activity and project and “tradition” they want to tackle this holiday.


My blood pressure rose for a moment, and then it sunk in that it was only a list of ideas. A list of ideas that isn’t meant to feel stressful. Of course we can’t do it all this season, so we pick and choose what strikes a cord with our household. And maybe that’s part of it… learning to enjoy the moment and consciously choosing to undertake just a few special ideas. Some traditions depend on time and resources and time. And time. Did I mention time? And some just happen, which might just be the best kind.

So here is an idea list of different traditions that came across our radar. What is yours? What do you want it to be? Cheers to a season of wonderful activities and thoughtfulness and traditions, and to letting them happen as they will. Stress-free.

Christmas Traditions - treat deliveries - Thirty Hand Made Days - Girls of a Feather

Cranberries 1 - Girls of a Feather

  • Start an advent calendar to count down.
  • Visit your place of worship and light a candle.
  • Go for a night walk or drive to look at lights.
  • Visit a nursing home armed with candy canes.
  • Go caroling or sing carols together.
  • Make an old family recipe.

Christmas Traditions - cranberry compote - Girls of a Feather

  • Compliment someone new.
  • Leave candy canes and secrets notes on doorsteps.
  • Deliver a meal to someone in need. Here are some good freezerable ideas.
  • Have sugar cookies ready… guests can decorate their own.
  • Write to your school principal with gratitude.
  • Make a gingerbread house.
  • Read The Night Before Christmas. This pop-up book is absolutely beautiful.

Christmas Traditions - Night Before Christmas - Girls of a Feather

  • Go to a performance of the The Nutcracker in your community.
  • Play old school traditional holiday music… if even for one evening.
  • Start a simmer pot (thanks, Yellow Bliss Road!).

Christmas Traditions - simmer pot - Yellow Bliss Road - Girls of a Feather

  • Make a snowman… if you’re graced with snow!
  • Go sledding… adults, too.
  • Make an orange pomander studded with whole cloves.

Christmas Traditions - orange pomander - The Kitchn - Girls of a Feather

  • Watch The Polar Express or another favorite holiday classic.
  • Cut down your own Charlie Brown tree.
  • Light candles for a loved one.
  • Set up a nativity… let the kids arrange.
  • Have a special dinner with only candlelight.


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