Make a {holiday} mess. Enjoy the {holiday} process.

Season of Creating - Bless This Mess - Girls of a Feather

You’ve probably seen this message before. It’s hard to love a mess. But how about loving a process? In a busy season of creating… baked goods that we share, handmade ornaments for the tree, homemade hot chocolate for guests, craft after craft that lovingly come home in backpacks… the process of creating things {special things} can get messy and rushed.

But oh, how wonderful it can be.

So I have decided this season to try to enjoy the messes that come with creating. Allow them to happen. Be grateful that they can happen. And embrace the process.

In the meantime here are some tips to give you peace of mind in glorious messy times:

  • …for cleaning up flour easily after dozens of cutout cookies. No more gluey washcloth.
  • …for cleaning your oven naturally after your Christmas ham tipped (for those whose hand is as steady as the Wyoming wind).
  • …for containing mass amounts of glitter as your kids make yet another ornament. Nothing more to say.
  • …for getting out hot chocolate, cranberry, or grease stains (among others). Because, well, we eat.
  • …for getting glue out of your kiddos hair… or the dog’s. Never happened? Don’t count it out.

Whatever projects grace your house this holiday, we hope you enjoy the process. Ours came with messes. And it was good.

Season of Creating 8 - Girls of a Feather



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