{Holiday Movie Classics}

There are all kinds of lists out there naming the best holiday movies… of all time… of the last 25 years… for kids.

Movies like Elf and How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Christmas Story and Polar Express and Christmas Vacation often top the charts. As they should. They are creative and vibrant and just stick with you. These are the movie traditions that our kids will have memories of.

But this list is all about the holiday movies that we don’t hear much about anymore. The old classics. The ones in black and white. The ones that are sweet and drippy and syrupy and leave you feeling great. Old movies that never go out of style, but often get overlooked. So grab some popcorn, hot chocolate and a blanket, and cheers to turning back time and finding the old favorites… which just might become new ones.

It’s A Wonderful Life (1946) – No surprise. This classic tops charts all over the place.

Holiday Movie Classics - It's a Wonderful Life - Girls of a Feather

Miracle on 34th Street (1947) – A tale about a department store Santa claiming to be the real deal. It’s Christmas on trial… and the magic wins.

Holiday Movie Classics - Miracle on 34th Street - Girls of a Feather

White Christmas (1954) – It’s a Christmas-season movie musical! Who wouldn’t like Bing Crosby?

Holiday Movie Classics - White Christmas - Girls of a Feather

Charlie Brown Christmas (1965) – We had to put this oldie but goodie in the lineup. It’s just old enough to fall off of the current top listings.

Holiday Movie Classics - Charlie Brown Christmas - Girls of a Feather

Holiday Inn (1942) – Another Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire movie. This introduced White Christmas to the world.

Holiday Movie Classics - Holiday Inn - Girls of a Feather

The Apartment (1960) – It’s a comedy and romance in a Christmastime setting.

Holiday Movie Classics - The Apartment - Girls of a Feather



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