It’s no secret that Instagram is a thing.  We love it for its purity – the old saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words” becomes true, and real, and such a gift. Pictures are so so fun, and with a canvas just encouraging you to post, to create, we have found this medium ultimately inspiring.  We are excited to show you some of our favorites over the next few weeks.

Let’s just jump right in and start with our very favorite: @beccaskinner.  Becca is a Wyoming native, and travels the world, and most importantly, the west, with her camera and her pup. Her pictures are so evocative, so beautiful, and make us want to camp. Like, now.


Next, – Gaby Dalkin at @whatsgabycookin – pictures of food so beautiful that they will make you want to cook better, eat better, and … just plain hungry.  Links are provided to recipes on – what else? – her beautiful blog of the same name!!!


Being the mamas that we are, we cannot get enough of @childrenofmountains – sweet kiddos in nature that make us proud to be raising our kids in the mountains.   This is an insta where, with a hashtag, you can submit your own picture for their consideration!!!  #lifegoals


To check out our Instagram, look us up at @girlsofafeatherblog and leave us a comment!



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