It’s Good For You: Green Tea Latte

I’m one of those make-a-pot-of-coffee-and-basically-drink-it-all-day kind of people.  I love my morning coffee, but let’s be honest – if I leave my mug upstairs while helping my little lady get dressed in the morning, and happen upon it while putting laundry away 4 hours later, it still appeals to me.  I’ll heat and reheat the same pour.  I’ll pour at 2 p.m. and make the best of the old aged flavor.

Green Tea Matcha 2 - Girls of a Feather

To remedy this not-so-healthy habit, I’ve made a concerted effort to up my life game. Matcha powder to the rescue!  I’m a green tea fan and the matcha trend has made its way to Wyoming.  The alternative to my cold coffee routine has become a Green Tea Latte – a warm winter treat!  You can order matcha on Amazon, but you could also just brew really strong, concentrated green tea as an easy alternative.

Green Tea Latte 

serves 2

1/4 cup hot water

1 teaspoon matcha powder

1 cup coconut milk

1 teaspoon honey

Warm the coconut milk on your stovetop.  Meanwhile, combine the hot water and matcha.  Combine the milk and matcha mixture with the honey, and enjoy!!

Green Tea Matcha 1 - Girls of a Feather


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