Girls of a Feather Gear Guide: {Winter Sports}

If you live in the mountains, then you learn to embrace the winter for all that it is. If it’s going to snow, why not throw yourself down a mountain of it on two narrow boards? If there’s going to be ice, why not climb its icy fangs or hurdle our bodies across its plate? Or dig yourself a cozy den in a snowdrift and have your morning coffee to the scene of a winter wonderland?

If  you live where it’s winter, why not make it fun?

Hence, our Winter Sports Gear Guide. Some of us are adventurous enough to build that snow cave and spend a willing night. Some of us would rather do some winter wildlife watching from the warmth of our car window. Some of us love the thrill of the backcountry, and others just want a quiet snowy stroll through a familiar neighborhood. Whatever your style, gear can help you make the most of the season.

We realize that you might already have your setup all lined out, tried out, worn in, and perfect for you. But if not, here are some ideas, for the adventurer {or not} in all of us. So tuck that gear into your winter toolbelt, and be off. Enjoy these next few months of winter and all that the season brings. Cheers, you old man winter.


For when old man winter isn’t as forgiving as he should be. This charges everything from your phone to your camera to your car.

Winter Sports Gear Guide - Cobra JumPack - Girls of a Feather

This winter action camera is splash-proof for snowy moments, has an extra battery pack for longer footage, and includes a harness.

Winter Sports Gear Guide - Sony Action Cam - Girls of a Feather

These sweet cold-weather tights provide joint support, and can be used as a base layer or alone.

Winter Sports Gear Guide - Insulator Stabilyx Tight - Girls of a Feather

When the snow gets too deep, be ready. This avalanche/rescue/backcountry/back-of-your-car shovel is light, folds easily, and can be used as a variety of tools in a pinch.

Winter Sports Gear Guide - K2 Rescue Shovel - Girls of a Feather

If you like winter camping, or just wanna head out into the woods for a cup of hot chocolate, this winter stove design is super efficient in any weather.

Winter Sports Gear Guide - JetBoil - Girls of a Feather.jpg

Still running this season? Don’t risk a tumble. These are like light-weight studded snow tires for your feet.

Winter Sports Gear Guide - Nano Crampons - Girls of a Feather

Not an extreme winter sports-goer? These snowshoes are touted as super-duper easy to use. Walk on, walker.

Winter Sports Gear Guide - Tubbs Flex Snowshoe - Girls of a Feather

Or, if shopping for a winter scene from the car window is more your speed, these are tough and fog-proof.

Winter Sports Gear Guide - Barska Crossover Binoculars - Girls of a Feather

Winter just wouldn’t be complete without an ornery snowball fight. Get geared up.

Winter Sports Gear Guide - Arctic Force Snowball Maker - Girls of a Feather

And if you’ve got more of the white stuff than you know what to do with, make an igloo for a kid or adult-sized fort.

Winter Sports Gear Guide - Icebox Igloo Maker x - Girls of a Feather.jpg

Some other fun ideas of things to do in the winter can be found on this stellar list. Don’t forget things like snow molds, bird seed ornaments, making your own tic-tac-toe board in the snow, or other creative winter games for families.


One thought on “Girls of a Feather Gear Guide: {Winter Sports}

  1. Some of these products look perfect for me…I’ve been looking for some cold weather running gear…just in case the snow ever melts enough so I can get out there. I’ve also always wanted to get into snowshoeing and next year I’m doing it no matter what! I’m pinning the ones you recommended.


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