Girls of a Feather Shopping Bag: {Poppy’s}

As we make our way around the Rocky Mountain West, we love to find those gems.  You know – THOSE gems – the ones that make a town special.  That give that extra touch to a downtown space and makes it not just part of the journey, but the actual destination.  We will be featuring different spots in different towns, but for our first feature, during this Valentine Week, we thought it only appropriate to start with one that is homegrown – Poppy’s, in downtown Laramie, Wyo.  “Poppy’s with Love” is kind of their motto (and their website!), and we just love that.  Cheers to love, and cheers to Poppy’s.



Poppy’s of Laramie {] is one of those places locals craved for years.  A simply lovely flower shop with arrangements of your dreams, topped off with a curated gift shop that includes wares for women – earrings, perfume, adorable clothes, stationery, writing implements … the list goes on.




Shop owner Rachel Potter isn’t content to stock Poppy’s with everyday, run-of-the-mill pretties.  No.  She travels to New York City to carefully select sweet somethings for her storefront.  She enlists her friends to handmake beautiful beaded earrings that she can barely keep in stock.  She stocks local magazines {Heart} and hosts pop-up shops for makers around the region.



Poppy’s – A perfect spot for Valentine’s Day, but really, every day.  Our go-to for flowers. Earrings.  Cards.

Now only if Poppy’s could stock pinot grigio??







If you have any favorite shops around the mountains, please let us know!  You can always email us at



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