Mountain Mags: {Heart}

Our Mountain Mags are a collection of sweet publications that are headquartered right here in our very own Rocky Mountain West. You may have heard of them, or they may be new finds to you. In any case, pay attention to these pages. We love that these magazines are right here, built among us, making things happen, filling a need. Cheers to good reads, and the gift that keeps on giving… a subscription to your favorites.

Could there be anything more fitting? In this Valentine’s week, we are so pleased to feature Heart, a beautiful magazine with lot of just that. Heart, a lovely coffee table-style publication, was founded on the idea that women need women… to share stories, experiences, support and… well, heart.

Founder:  Rachel LeBeau in Laramie, Wyo

Heart Magazine 5 - Girls of a Feather

What is Heart‘s focus?  We are a print magazine on a mission to bring encouragement to women. Our goal is to help women identify the beauty in their stories – even after hardship – and to connect them with other women who understand their circumstances.

What moved you to start Heart?  I decided to start Heart after our youngest, Henry, was born with heart disease. I’ve been a lifelong guarded person—never laughing too loud to avoid hurting too hard—but his birth made it impossible continue going on that way. He needed and deserved our love and fierce protection, no matter the insecurity of the outcome. It made me realize that our time is finite, and that if there are things we want to do and be, the time to go for it is now.

Heart Magazine 3 - Girls of a Feather

So many women in our age bracket want to live a life they are proud of: have they done things right so far? Are they who they thought they’d be as a grownup? Do they want something more? Can they find contentment where they are? I wanted to start a magazine that provided a cushion for those feelings — something that offers a safe community to throw your hands up and say, “I don’t have it all figured out!”

What are your future plans with the magazine?  Our plans for Heart are to create a community of women who are willing to share their hearts despite fear. We will continue to offer encouragement, community building, and a yearly coffee table magazine. Our hope is that we can help women (and ourselves!) live lives we are proud of.

How do we connect with Heart?  Women can join our online community on Instagram @theheartmag. For weekly email encouragement, join our mailing list here.  To learn more about Girls Need Girls (Heart’s global girls’ night outreach) you can see our website here.  And to purchase current and future volumes of Heart, shop here.


Heart Magazine 1 - Girls of a Feather


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