Dry Brushing Revisited

Originally published over 5 months ago, we thought it prudent to revisit this subject.  Winter is now a short timer – not long and we will be loving the splendors of spring.  For now, though, our skin is FEELING winter.  Chapped lips ring a bell?  Dry hands?  Itchy kids?  Consider dry brushing, followed with a slather of coconut oil.  Do it for 3 days and you WILL feel and see the difference.  

Dry brushing is maybe something you’ve heard of, but probably discounted as too new-agey, too out there.  Trust me, it’s so simple, and makes you feel soft and energized, you’ll ask yourself why you waited so long to try it.  And then you’ll be addicted.


Here are some of the benefits of dry brushing:  It improves your circulation, it stimulates your lymph system, it removes dead skin, and it boosts your energy.  The trick, I’ve learned, is remembering to do it.  Hang your brush somewhere obvious, and do it before you bathe.  I do it every.single.day, but in order to avoid irritating your skin with its new workout, maybe work up from 1-2 times a week to 3-4.


People can be quite regimented about how exactly to dry brush, but the golden rule of dry brushing is always brush toward your heart.  The exception to the rule is your back – brush from your neck toward your lower back.  Generally, I start with my feet and work upwards.  Move to your lower legs, thighs, stomach, back and finish with your arms.

Follow up with a moisturizer – lately, I’ve been using pure coconut oil!  Let us know if you try it!



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