Farmer’s Almanac: {Spring Forecast}

Spring is only two weeks away. On paper at least. But for those of us graced with living in the mountains, we have a different reality. Our snow sticks a little longer. The wind blows a little harder. Our ice scrapers stay put in the car, and our stocking caps continue to be employed. And while all of our Facebook friends elsewhere post about their tulips peeking through and daffodils waiting in the wings to make their grand entrances in vases on the counter, ours are still sleeping in their tightly zipped, zero-degree North Face down sleeping bags.

And we wait. And we hope.

But waiting and hoping is all worth it here. We make it through Mother Nature’s teasing season of sunshine and cold and snow and sunshine again. And the summer is glorious.

So, Mother Nature, what do you have up your lovely sleeve for us this spring as you usher in that summertime love? We turn to the good old Farmer’s Almanac to wonder. And wait. And scrape the ice off the windows to take a look.

Cheers to soaking up the spring before us, to weather in all her glory, and to embracing all she has in store for us.


Farmer's Almanac - allregions-us-color

Intermountain Forecast (Idaho, Utah, Western Montana, Western Wyoming, Western Colorado):

MARCH 2016: temperature 44° (1° above avg.); precipitation 1.5″ (0.5″ above avg. north, 1″ below south); Mar 1-5: Rainy north, sunny south; mild; Mar 6-12: Rain and snow showers, cold; Mar 13-24: Showers north, sunny south; mild; Mar 25-31: Sunny, warm.

APRIL 2016: temperature 49° (avg.); precipitation 1″ (avg.); Apr 1-5: Rain, then sunny, cool north; sunny, warm south; Apr 6-9: Sunny, mild; Apr 10-14: Sunny north, rain to snow south; Apr 15-21: Showers north, rain and snow central, sunny south; cool; Apr 22-27: Sunny, warm north and south; showers central; Apr 28-30: Sunny, warm north; showers central; rain and snow south.

High Plains Forecast (Eastern Montana, Eastern Wyoming, Eastern Colorado):

MARCH 2016: temperature 39° (avg.); precipitation 0.5″ (0.5″ below avg.); Mar 1-8: Rain and snow showers north, sunny south; mild; Mar 9-17: Snowy periods, cold; Mar 18-23: Rain and snow showers north, sunny south; mild; Mar 24-27: Snow, then sunny, cold; Mar 28-31: Showers, mild.

APRIL 2016: temperature 49° (1° above avg.); precipitation 1.5″ (0.5″ below avg.); Apr 1-6: Sunny; turning cold north, hot south; Apr 7-14: Showers; mild, then cool; Apr 15-17: Rain to snow; Apr 18-22: Periods of rain and snow, cool north; sunny, mild south; Apr 23-30: Scattered showers, mild.

Spring Forecast Almanac - Girls of a Feather


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