Snowshoeing Alone {or not}

As long as I’ve lived in the mountains, I have loved snowshoeing. It’s been a gentle way to enjoy winter time outside, see a landscape that you might not get to see otherwise, and find humility in something greater than yourself.

There have been times that I’ve considered heading out to snowshoe alone, get some sunshine on my face, ramp up my heart rate for a bit. For some, it’s an escape and a therapy of sorts in the long winter months. For others, the thought of heading out to snowshoe alone feels uncomfortable, uneasy.

So the question remains:  Do you snowshoe alone?

Last summer I did a very small {read: unofficial} survey with other Girls of a Feather on whether or not they venture out to hike alone. I thought it would be interesting to see if things change in the winter. So, do you snowshoe alone? If so, what motivates you to head out solo? And if not, why not? Here are a variety of responses that I’ve collected.

Thank you, my Girls of a Feather, for helping widen our perspective on this question. And cheers to getting out and enjoying the last of the winter… alone or not.

“Yes, I snowshoe alone as long as I know the route in advance. Much more fun though with a friend!” -M.

“Yes at the golf course!  No in the [mountains]. Too many underlying conditions. Probably comes from my husband spending the night in the mountains while snowmobiling (not planned) and the several times he’s helped with search and rescue.” -S.

“I would go alone on a known trail but not off-trail. I’ve had my foot and snowshoe very stuck under hidden fallen trees twice and having help was great. I agree with others that it’s more fun with friends anyway.” -R.

“Love snowshoeing! But with a friend.” -J.

“Although snowshoeing is not my favorite favorite thing to do in the winter, I would go alone.  Similar to warmer months, being alone in nature is a treasured activity so any chance to do so is something I try to capitalize on.” -L.

“I love snowshoeing, but with a friend. I’m too clumsy to go alone…and would probably get myself lost, even on a well marked trail.” -E.

“I don’t snowshoe anymore but when I did I’d definitely do it with friends! The conditions would scare me from heading out there alone.” -M.

“I love snowshoeing, my favorite winter activity, and best done with my family. One can find out a lot of info when there aren’t any distractions.” -M.

“As much as I enjoy being alone, I most likely wouldn’t snow shoe alone due to my sub par navigational skills. I’d totally go alone if I was comfortable and familiar with the trail/path.” -A.

“I skate ski by myself at least 2-3 days a week. Of course, it’s fun to ride up with a friend, but there’s something magical, meditative, and good-for-the-soul about being in the woods alone. It’s where I go to clear my mind, meditate, and on the flip-side get creative ideas for work. And, I figure people are more likely to get in a wreck on [the interstate] as they are to get charged by a moose.” -J.

Snowshoeing Alone 2 - Girls of a Feather



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