Spring Skiing: {Mother Nature’s Secret}

“Nature is full of genius, full of the divinity; so that not a snowflake escapes its fashioning hand.”   —Henry David Thoreau


Spring is here, yet not quite. Our garages are still full of sloppy slush messes. Our furnaces are still set on winter settings. The shovels stay by the door. Birds still can’t quite get at those worms.

So we are embracing the last, rascally snow that falls, and trying to see it as one more opportunity to just be with it. More like a graceful host, ushering it out with patience and gratitude. One more forgotten side note on the way out the front door. We know summer will come, coats will be shed, snowpants put away, and eventually there will be days where we can’t find a cool enough shadow to sit in. Somehow, knowing that, makes it just a little easier to find some playful spirit in these last flakes.

And so we ski.

Spring Skiing 4 - Girls of a Feather

Spring skiing brings with it really happy people. There is a fresh energy on the lifts. More conversation with strangers. It’s as though we know we’re all in on Mother Nature’s big secret that she is giving us one more play day. We got the memo. We’re there together. It doesn’t matter if we push ourselves on something gnarly or try new runs. We’re just out there. Cruising, pockets full of birdseed, looking up a little more than usual at the way the light hits the moguls, the way the forest shadows fall in happy, stripy patterns.

If you are headed to the slopes these last few weekends of skiing, your favorite mountain is more than likely offering some sweet spring deals. Check it out here.

Cheers to spring, to skiing, to your favorite snowy sport, and to getting in on Mother Nature’s last winter secrets.

Spring Skiing 1 - Girls of a Feather

“Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves.”   —John Muir, Our National Parks


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