Girls of a Feather Gift Guide: {Father’s Day}

What?  Yes! You’re reading this right! A new post from GOAF! Hopefully, more to come in the near future.  We are so pleased to be back with a fun Father’s Day gift guide for all of those boys in our lives.  Be they in their 80s, 20s, or somewhere in between, we have a few genius ideas (if we do say so ourselves).  And hey! We missed you!!

Bundeze Wallets


I wish I would have invented these.  They are the bomb.  A wallet that functions as a wallet, but so much more.  Bottle opener, knife holder, emergency wrench, ratchet strap – the list goes on.  And on and on and on.  Just ordered mine!!!  Er, his…

Elk Salami

Elk_Salami_8oz._4f762d4ec6201_large (1)

What dad doesn’t love a log of meat?   Made in our state, we think this Wyoming Buffalo Company product screams Father’s Day.  This would be a perfect appetizer at your Father’s Day BBQ, or a great addition to your car camping trip to the nearby mountains.  If salami isn’t your thing,  they have a lot things that would fit the bill for your special guy.

Zeal Darby Sunglasses


Maybe a little outside of the box for your Ray-Ban wearing traditionalist, but fun, and the black keeps them tame.  Take a risk!  It might pay off, and add a little style to his hanging-by-a-thread 90s wardrobe.

His and Hers Swimsuits


Why not?  They’re not totally matchy-matchy but they are totally adorable!  Fun color blocking, and summery prints, hard to pick one.  Plus, a little something for Mama never hurts.


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