2018 Holiday {or Any Day} Gift Guide

This is truly a gift guide for everyone.  Consider the people in your life that affect you on a daily basis, big and small: your boss, your neighbor, your closest friend, your mom … or even your mailman! We love thinking about that special something for those special someones that make up the fabric of our lives, and big or small, it’s truly those people, and the thought, that counts.


A monogrammed pocket knife – While this very well could be gifted to your dad, or your son, think outside the box! One of my favorite gifts I’ve ever received was a bridesmaid gift of an engraved pocket knife.  I only wish I had one earlier – it’s so useful! Scraping sap off of a tree to start a campfire – opening an amazon package – slicing an emergency lunchtime apple … Hey – girls need tools, too.


Something, Anything from Made Wyoming – One of our favorite spots for gift giving, right here in the great state of Wyoming.  MADE Wyoming has jewelry, home goods, tools … it’s a really great one-stop shop.  For now, we’ll point you to the National Park Candle selection.  Make your home smell like a National Treasure!  And duh … With scents of vetiver, pine needle, and sandlewood, we’re partial to the Yellowstone candle.


Local Spa Gift Certificate – Calgon, take us away … to the Blooming Lemon! This happens to be our local haven, and even just one hour here has us feeling refreshed and spiffed up for the holidays.  If you don’t live in Laramie, think locally –  truly a homerun of a gift.


Bourbon – Nothing says, “Thanks for not sucking as a boss!” like alcohol.  Bourbon, to be exact.  Poured over a crafted ice cube.  In front of a fire … is it 5 o’clock yet?

mountain scarfMountain scarf – Mountain scarf for a mountain mama? Yes, please! Are our husbands reading this? Hint, hint.  Pick between this luxurious find by an Instagram friend, or this lower price point for multiple friend gifting …

cookbooktemperance creek

A Beautiful Book – So, so many books to choose from – and picking a story that will be beloved by even your closest friend is sometimes an impossible task. My favorite book this year? I love, love, love Temperance Creek, but not everyone is guaranteed to.  For a safe alternative, try a beautiful cookbook.  Because a girl’s gotta eat.


Sweet necklace – Such a simple design, but sweet in its minimalism.  And, the spelling of Mama is my favorite.   If a mama isn’t your intended recipient, the alternative is a simple LOVE which is good for well, just about any women/girl in your life.


Laird superfood- Healthnuts, UNITE!  Are you weaning yourself off dairy? Is your hubby into the turmeric trend?  Cacao is your jam?  Check out these healthy coffee creamers – they are super good for you and just plain delicious.  Plus, there’s a bonus picture of Laird Hamilton on the package.  Wink, wink.


Airpods – These are a win/win for a teenage boy.  Wait – who are we kidding?  They’re a win/win for anyone!  We really love them for podcasting – check out this list of the best podcasts of 2018 – but they’re darn handy for tunes when you’re out for a run and are just plain over the dangling cord.

thumb piano

A Finger Piano – For the musician in your life.  So they can pull this out of their breast pocket at a boring work party and keep you entertained, no matter what.  Chances are, the sweet music will draw a crowd.


Jammies – For women and girls, jammies are a Christmas Classic!  We like these for older girls, and these for younger.  They even come with a matching set for dolls – so sweet.


Mala necklace – Get them started being mindful early.  From a lovely maker in Denver, who we fangirled at DIA after noticing her necklace around her neck, these are custom made for any human, of any size.  We just think the small ones are adorable.


Azul, the Board Game – Not just because this is dang fun, but pretty too!!!


Global Hot Sauce set –  That’s right, we said GLOBAL.  Because Tabasco just isn’t doing your tastebuds any favors anymore … Gift this to your oh-so-caliente partner who likes things spicy.


Mountain Bike Map – This company – Awesome-maps.com – has a fun website to peruse – there are kid maps, Love maps, bucket list maps, scratch off maps, football maps – kinda like all the shrimp options on Forest Gump … but different.






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