{HEALTH} Wildfire Smoke & Your Skin

In many parts of our Rocky Mountain West, ‘tis the season for forest fires. It’s the time of year we hold our breath for every summer. What can we do to keep this smokey, particulate matter from damaging our health, including our skin? As our body’s largest organ, our skin inhales smoke, too. Here are some easy, practical and natural ideas to get us through.
Replenish your antioxidants by eating foods high in vitamin C & E, like citrus fruit, almonds, seeds, spinach, squash, broccoli and trout. Be proactive with face and body washing. Apply topical antioxidants with vitamin C & E, like @lemongrass_spa_products Vitamin C Serum. Don’t forget to apply your sunscreen – a smoke screen is not a sunscreen. And, lucky for all of us right now, wear a mask to limit inhalation. 😷

Stay safe, all.

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