{Farmer’s Almanac} Winter Forecast

As we enjoy Fall’s golden light, some of us also have our eyes to the long-term forecast to see what’s ahead. Maybe a little cool off, or maybe some early snow to put out the late wildfires and to dream of the next fresh season of things.

What is shaping our weather right now? According to the Almanac, we are transitioning from solar cycle 24 to 25, which should bring mild temps. And the earth’s warming trend also has a little to say about it. The Almanac reads: “Although low levels of solar activity have historically been associated with cooler temperatures, on average, across Earth, we believe that rising temperature trends mean that the winter will not be extremely cold.”

And don’t we all love a good old crystal ball? Thank you, Old Farmer’s Almanac, for our winter predictions. May all our winter weather dreams come true.

In the Western Intermountain region, snowfall will be near normal. Overall precipitation will be slightly below normal, on average.

Winter will be slightly milder than normal, with cold periods in early to mid-December, late January, and late February.

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