Welcome to Girls of a Feather

feathers - Girls of a Feather

We are two women (mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, friends) who live in the Rocky Mountain West. We love life, and particularly our lives here. Every little thing about it: its awesome beauty, its never-ending list of outdoor things to do, that it is all at once, a home and a vacation spot.   That it is a plane ride away to other amazing places, and well, that it is a whole plane ride away to other amazing places.

As friends, we have definitely discovered we are … Girls of a Feather. To each other, and to others, as well. Similarities abound, in big and little ways. But while we have many similarities, we are also, of course, different. And that’s the beauty of being friends, women, and humans together. So, we are doing THIS. Together. What is “THIS” exactly? Well, we don’t exactly know yet. But we love to talk about this beautiful life, in scopes big and little, and invite you to come along for the ride. After all, girls of a feather stick together.

Girls of a Feather


One thought on “Welcome to Girls of a Feather

  1. Excited to read more posts!!! Miss having you live here Teresa but I’m so glad you love it there! Embracing the moment is one of the best things of life and I love that that is what you are doing. You are inspiring!


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