{Western Way} A Pack Full of Possibilities

I recently took a day off work to tag along with my husband for a hunting day. I am not a hunter and had never gone on an archery hunt. But I absolutely love being in the middle of the mountains, and wanted to experience the tensions that came with a day of sneaking around in the woods, hoping to fill our freezer. We each donned an empty pack, in the case that we were to get a harvest. And this hunting pack, not your average, day-hike pack with a cute keychain attached, was a real surprise to me. What set it apart, after a quick tour by my husband, was the impressive way that it could expand to allow for potential loads. Brilliant, when you are considering carrying something more than sunglasses, hand sanitizer, and a billfold – like adding 75 pounds of meat to lug up a mountainside. Although our packs never were filled that day, I have a new appreciation for the energy and thought that goes into a day’s possibilities in a hunt. And isn’t that what it’s all about – making room for possibilities.

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