{Home & Food} Horseradish

The frost has landed in our mountain towns for weeks now, and we’ve already seen some powdered sugar snows. So, while this warmer Fall window is upon us, we have buttoned up the final few projects in our garden. One of the last things left to harvest was the horseradish.

If you haven’t tried growing horseradish root, it’s about as simple as it gets. It withstands a hard frost in the spring, and can be planted 6 to 8 weeks before the average last frost date. It can be planted as a perennial or annual (because it is invasive, we plant ours and harvest annually in large, deep pots). And, it needs little water and little maintenance. Best of all, once you harvest, it turns into a spicy, jar-able treat in about 5 minutes.

This teeny tiny jar was the extent of our horseradish harvest this year. But, every one of those 3 ounces was worth it. We’ll savor the flavor, the know-how, and the joy of having made it ourselves. And dream of trying again next year.

Are you looking, like us, to expand your garden know-how, or mulling over what to do with this season’s bounty (no matter how large or small)? Check out this all-things-natural resource that WE love to follow, called @digandco. She is one stellar, friendly, down-to-earth mountain maker, teacher, adventurer, connector and mama.

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