If there was one food that makes an appearance more than any other in our house during the holidays, it’s cranberries. They are beautiful. They have a multitude of uses. They pack a flavor {and nutritional} punch.

So grab a package at your friendly local grocery, and find your own use for these lovely little berries this holiday season. Or if you need some ideas, here are a few.

Cranberries 2 - Girls of a Feather

  • Make cranberry garland for your Christmas tree or as an outside tree garland for the birds… a great kid activity.
  • Add them to wreaths for a little visual treat.
  • Fill vases with cranberries and candles.

Cranberries - Vases BHG - Girls of a Feather


Cranberries - Garland Ball Cranmoms - Girls of a Feather

Cranberries - Tart - Barefoot In the Kitchen - Girls of a Feather

Cranberries - Infused Water Cooking With a Wallflower - Girls of a Feather

  • Add to smoothies for a flavor punch and extra antioxidants, flavonoids and good-for-you enzymes.
  • Make your own simple cranberry sorbet for after your big holiday meal. It is refreshing, light, and cleanses your palette.

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